How to use Apple Remote Desktop to change local user Parental Controls on Leopard clients.

These instructions are for Leopard workstations only. Similar instructions using the niutil command on Tiger and Panther machines can be found at

In this example my local user name is "student" be sure to change these commands to match your local user account name. Also, to prepare for using these instructions I created a folder in the Utilities folder on my admin machine titled ARD. Be sure to change the UNIX commands to the proper location for your setup.

Step One:

Make all desired Parental Control settings to your local managed account.

Step Two:

Use the Terminal application to run the following command. This command will export the local managed account settings to a file that you will copy to your workstations.

dscl . -mcxexport /Users/student > /Applications/Utilities/ARD/parental_settings

Step Three:

Use Apple Remote Desktop to copy the ARD folder containing your exported file to your workstations.

Step Four:

Send the following UNIX command to all workstations to import your new settings to the local managed account:

dscl . -mcximport /Users/student /Applications/Utilities/ARD/parental_settings

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