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MM, AppleWorks 5, XTND and You from A. Borg

When Users login and logout of various OS 9 workstations using AppleWorks
5.xx, they run into XTND translator trouble. Apparently the "XTND Translator
List" Preference File sets a setting where the file is "married" to the
computer's HD that created the "XTND Translator List" file thus can't be
easily used on other computers.

Since MM currently can not "Delete" Administrator Defined Preference Files,
this leads us to find clever ways to get this file deleted upon each login of
a User on an OS 9 computer.

Some have tried AppleScripts, various placements of the contents of the
"Claris" and "AppleWorks" folders inside the System Folder or manually use NA
to delete all the "XTND Translator List" files from the Server from

Here's an idea, why not "Force" an empty "XTND Translator List" preference
file? Sound too easy you say. Well, it is just that easy. As AppleWorks
checks the file upon launching, it sees that it is "empty" and "fills" it up.

The Steps:

1. Create a SimpleText document
2. Save the "empty" document and name it "XTND Translator List"
3. Quit SimpleText
4. Launch Res-Edit
5. Select "Get File/Folder Info..." from "File" menu
6. Navigate to the file created in step 2
7. Click on "Get Info"
8. In the field next to "Type" enter "XTRL" (without the quotes)
9. In the field next to "Creator" enter "Clrs" (without the quotes)
10. Save and Quit
11. Look at the file, the icon should of changed to the XTND icon.
12. Copy this file to all your "Forced Preferences" folders on the Server
13. Make sure all your workgroups are set to copy preferences
14. Problem Resolved (Keep your fingers crossed)

I've been using this "fix" for a few weeks and have not noticed any
side-effects. AppleWorks opens and saves the various file formats as it

Good Luck!

A Borg
Network Administrator
Wayland Public Schools

2300 Montana Ave, Suite 102, Cincinnati, OH 45211
P.513.772.1223 F.513.772.0261 Toll-Free.888.856.7377