Apple Remote Desktop Admin - Saving UNIX Commands as a Template

The “Send UNIX Command” feature allows you to send command line instructions and shell scripts to computers in your list, allowing you to read and modify preference files and alter settings. In addition to the basic set of commands included in ARD Admin you can save often used commands as a Template for later use.

Without selecting any computers from your list, click on the UNIX Command icon in your ARD Admin toolbar. In the upper pane of the new UNIX Command window insert the command that you want to send. Since most UNIX commands should be sent as the “root” user, select the “Run command as User” button and enter “root” in the text field. If you want confirmation that the command executed properly, check the box to Display all output. Once you are certain your command is entered properly click on the dropdown menu in the upper right corner, select “Save as Template” and name it appropriately. Saved templates will appear in the dropdown menu in the order they are saved.

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