How To Print To OS X Default Printer From Classic Applications

The basic premise of this setup is to "Print" or save the file to a folder and then a Folder Action takes over and sends that file to the default OS X printer. The script used watches the Print Folder and when an item is added to the folder it sends the item to the Print Center. The script then waits 15 seconds and deletes the item from the folder. Note: The first time you attach the script to the folder in Folder Action Setup you will get an error message as it tries to send the invisible .ds_store file to the printer. Just click on Ok and the file will be deleted and you shouldn't see that message again. This method has not been fully tested in a managed environment, so your mileage may vary.

Create the Print Folder


Enable Folder Actions

If you have the scripts menu in your menu bar select Enable Folder Actions. If not run the Enable Folder Actions script that is inside the AppleScript application folder.


Create the following script in AppleScript Editor

Or download it here Download ClassicPrint Script


Save the script as ClassicPrint.scpt in Macintosh HD>Library>Scripts>Folder Actions Scripts


Add the Print Folder to Folder actions setup and attach the ClassPrint.scpt


From the Classic application print window select File as the Destination and click on Print


Select the designated Print Folder and click on Save.

The file should print to the OS X default printer. After a 15 second delay the saved file will be deleted from the Print Folder. (The first time you create the Print Folder and run the script you will get an error about printing the .ds_store file, this is not a printable file, so just click OK).


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