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How to Move MM Data to a New Hard Drive from John Detroye


In case you needed to do this - I am listing the cleanest method I have been able to come up with to move the primary Macintosh Manager folder from the boot (Server HD) drive to another hard disk on the same server. I imagine this comes in handy as people get a second, and much bigger HD to work with. As always, back up the folder before doing this!

1. At the server, in Extensions Manager, view by package, and turn off the entire AppleShare package, as well as any updated items (web & file, admin agent, etc), and the Macintosh Manager server extension.

2. Reboot the server.

3. Copy the Macintosh Manager folder to the second hard drive. Once complete, delete the folder on the Server HD.

4. In Extensions Manager, turn back on only the AppleShare extensions - NOT the Macintosh Manager server extension.

5. Reboot the server.

6. In MacOS Server Admin, make the newly moved Macintosh Manager folder a sharepoint, owned by the Multiple Users User account. Copy the privileges to all sub-folders.

7. In Extensions Manager, turn on the Macintosh Manager server extension.

8. Reboot the server.

Done. The 'ding' of Macintosh Manager will tell you the extension is loading, and launching the Macintosh Manager admin app will take you right to the new folder.

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