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Eric Doyle's steps for using Microsoft Office 98 or 2001 with MM 1.4.1 and Mac OS 9.1

There is a way to run Office 98 or 2001, under Mac Manager, without going to 9.2.1. First, you will need some Office Updates : 1) Office 98 Update for Mac OS 9.0 2) Word/PowerPoint 98 Update and possibly 3) Remove Office 98 v1.1 - You will need this if you have computers with Office 98 already installed and don't work. First, with a computer that doesn't have Office yet, install Office 98 into the Applications:Other Applications* folder on pre-OS 9.1 computers, or the Applications (OS 9):Other Applications* folder on OS 9.1 and 9.2.x. Now, immediately install the Office 98 Update for Mac OS 9.0, and then immediately after that, install the Word/PowerPoint 98 Update. When I say immediately, that means do not try to launch Office before doing all the updates first. That is the key. Once you have installed Office and all the updates, set your memory allocations for the programs, and give them plenty of memory. Now, run all 3 applications once outside of Mac Manager. Make sure, at this time, that you configure each app. just the way you want them by setting any settings you want in each program. This will create preferences for each app. in the local hard drive's System Folder:Preferences folder. Now, take the following preferences, and put them on the Mac Manager server in the Managed Preferences:Forced Preferences folder. Now, all your preferences will be forced to each user whenever they log in. Clip Gallery Preferences, Clip Gallery User Database, Excel Settings (8), Excel Toolbars (8), Microsoft Office Settings (8), PowerPoint Settings (8), PowerPoint Toolbars (8), PPC Registration Database, Word Settings (8) You are now ready to run it under Mac Manager. You can now either install and do all the updates on all the computers, or do it on one more computer, and before you launch the applications the first time, blast the Microsoft Office 98 folder to all the other computers using Network Assistant. After blasting, you will have to run each application one time on each computer outside of Mac Manager, before using under Mac Manager. Also, make sure you throw away all the Office preferences off each local hard drive's System Folder:Preferences folder before using under Mac Manager. If you already have Office installed, you will need to run the Remove Office 98 v1.1 application, and then do the above. There is no easy fix if Office is already installed and being used. Eric -- Eric Doyle Technology Consultant AEA 6 212 W. Ingledue Marshalltown, IA 50158 (641) 752-1578

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