How To Add New Users to Workgroup Manager

Step 1

Either login at the server using the network administrative name and password or login at a workstation that has the Workgroup Manager Admin application installed.

Step 2

Open Workgroup Manager

a) If you are on the server Workgroup Manager Admin will be on the Dock

b) If you are on a workstation Workgroup Manager Admin will be in a folder titled Server in either Applications or Applications/Utilities.


Step 3

Enter the server address, admin name and password and click on Connect.


Step 4

In the Accounts pane click on the ID column heading to sort the users by their ID; user ID’s have been setup using their expected graduation year. See Note 1


Step 5

Select the appropriate Preset from the menu in the bottom middle of the page. Scroll through the User list to the last user ID in the corresponding graduation class. Click on “New Record”, fill in the Name and Short Name(s) fields. Change the User ID to the next available number in the graduating class series. Enter the users password in the password and verify fields. Click on Save. If all of your workstations are OS X clients you are done. If you have OS 9 clients proceed to Step 6 to import users into Macintosh Manager.


Importing New Users into Macintosh Manager

Step 6

Open the Macintosh Manager Admin application and adjust the windows of Workgroup Manager and Macintosh Manager so that you can see both lists of users. Select the new user(s) in Workgroup Manager and drag-and-drop them into the Imported Users list in Macintosh Manager.


Step 7

Click on the Workgroups tab in Macintosh Manager and add the new User(s) to the appropriate Workgroup. Save your changes.



Note 1

Using the graduation class in the User ID will allow you to sort graduating users at the end of the school year, then select and remove them all from Workgroup Manager.

Note 2

If you setup your teachers as Workgroup Managers in Macintosh Manager you can set the Macintosh Manager login window to show Users only and have the teachers select Workgroup Managers from the list to get to their names without having to scroll through 400+ student names.

Graduating Class list 2007-08

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